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Rudy Salas is committed to ensuring that Central Valley families have equitable access to necessary, life-saving prescriptions. The price of insulin for people with diabetes in the U.S. are up to ten times higher than in other developed nations. Rudy took action and voted to lower insulin prices in California – even voting to make California the first state to manufacture its own insulin to cut the drug companies' stranglehold on prices. Rudy also worked to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable to prevent price gouging by expanding access to generic drugs at lower prices and increasing price transparency. And he’ll fight to let Medicare negotiate with Big Pharma for lower prices for California seniors.

David Valadao does not hold the same values. Instead, he puts Big Pharma first. He voted against capping insulin prices at $35 a month in the United States, and Valadao voted against negotiating with the drug companies for lower prices.


In the legislature, Rudy has worked to expand access to mental health care in rural and underserved communities and secured funding to fight Valley Fever.

The University of California now estimates that in part because of Rudy’s votes. 93% of Californians now have access to healthcare.

In Congress, he’ll fight to defend the Affordable Care Act against attempts to gut its benefits or allow insurance companies to deny coverage to Californians with pre-existing conditions like asthma. And he’ll work to expand Medicare to cover dental, vision, and hearing care for seniors.


Rudy Salas’ record shows his commitment to the Central Valley's economic development and job procurement. He has voted to raise the minimum wage, led the fight for farm workers to get overtime pay, and promoted economic growth and development throughout the Central Valley.

He’ll do the same in Congress. Rudy will fight to expand job training and apprenticeship programs to give everyone access to the skills needed to fill good jobs, further invest in our infrastructure to extend broadband access to all communities, and ensure good roads and bridges that can get crops and goods to market and work to level the playing field so that small businesses and entrepreneurs have equal access to the capital they need to grow.

Rudy will also work to fight inflation and reduce the cost of living by fixing our broken supply chain, ramping up domestic energy production to lower gas prices, and cracking down on corporations that rip off Californians by price gouging.

David Valadao voted to keep a $7.25 federal minimum wage and has put large corporations ahead of California small businesses at every turn. He even voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, opposing critical investments that will improve our supply chain, strengthen our water resources, and expand broadband access.


Rudy Salas secured funding to construct new clean water wells across the Central Valley and fought for the historic $7.5 billion water bond that invested entirely in water infrastructure.

David Valadao may say he’s good on water, but he voted against bringing millions of dollars for clean water infrastructure to the Central Valley. Over 900,000 Californians don’t have access to clean drinking water.


Rudy Salas was awarded Legislator of the Year by the California 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatchers and California Police Chiefs Association for his work championing the public safety of Central Valley residents. He’s been proud to fight for strong funding for Central Valley law enforcement to keep our communities safe.


California seniors need Representatives in Congress who will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare. Rudy will stop any attempts to cut the guaranteed benefits seniors have earned, including turning Social Security over to Wall Street or raising the retirement age. And he will work to cut costs for seniors by lowering drug prices and expanding Medicare to cover dental, vision, and hearing care.


Rudy Salas has always believed that the government shouldn’t interfere in a woman’s healthcare decisions. Rudy put Proposition 1 on the ballot to protect the rights of women to control their own bodies. These most personal decisions are to be decided by a woman, her doctor, and within her faith.

So far this year, over 14,000 women have been raped in California. David Valadao is co-sponsoring a bill criminalizing abortion for a woman who was raped.