Keeping Communities Safe

State Route (SR) 184 - The intersection at State Route (SR) 184 and Sunset Boulevard is the main access point to Sunset Middle School in Bakersfield.  Unfortunately, several traffic fatalities have occurred at this intersection leaving the community grieving and inspiring their call to action.  Assemblymember Rudy Salas joined the call to action by holding Caltrans accountable for the safety of school children and their families at Sunset Middle School.


  • According to the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) about 1,200 vehicles pass through this intersection at peak hours every day.
  • AB 1115 requires Caltrans to identify this site as a “school zone” and to establish speed limits within the zone, pursuant to existing law.
  • AB 1115 ensures that every family, teacher, and worker is able to drive to and from school safely culminates a community effort to make sure that people driving pass this intersection are safe.


Pipeline Safety - In March 2014, after numerous delays, a gas leak from an underground waste gas flare pipeline was identified a few blocks from Arvin High School.  By the time the leak was identified, the gas had saturated the soil and contaminated eight homes resulting in mandatory evacuations for these residents.  Assemblymember Salas introduced AB 1420 in response to this gas leak as the evacuated families and neighbors expressed considerable concern about the lack of information about the leak, the responsibilities of local and state government to address it, potential health problems and delays in notification.  This incident demonstrated the need to clarify existing law regarding the role of all involved entities.


AB 1420 is an important step in preventing future pipeline leaks in residential areas and other sensitive locations and ensuring an adequate response if a pipeline leak should occur by:


  • Requiring local public safety officers to notify residents about pipeline leaks and provide residents with the information necessary regarding the safety of the areas affected by the leak.
  • Requiring the Division of Oil Gas Geothermal Resources under the state Department of Conservation to develop appropriate timelines and methods for ensuring pipelines near sensitive areas like schools and homes are safe.


Retaining qualified peace officers -  AB 1168 (Salas) - Chapter 207; 8/13/15  is a common-sense measure that will help our state retain qualified peace officers, reduce costs, and ensure safety in our jails.  The bill fixes the inequity in state law that requires certain peace officers to retake their basic training requirements even though they have already completed them.  

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